Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bacon Bombs Away! Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!

Normally, our fam is not very competitive, but for some reason, every year we have a NO HOLDS BARRED Meat recipe rodeo! Something to make the kids cry and the parents gasp!
But how exactly do you top last year's coronary delight, Bacon wrapped Turducken??!!

With a Bacon Bomb of course!

Once suggested, we knew this was it! This amazing meat marvel is made by weaving bacon around piles and piles of meat. Then bake!

It get's it's name from the possible EXPLOSION from all the grease setting on fire. Teeny how-to vid for you. Original recipe here!

(pic via)
Explosions and Bacon for Thankgiving?
What could be better?

Hmm...Maybe next year, my dreams of a Bacon Beer Mug will be realized... My cup runneth over! via

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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