Friday, November 20, 2009

ARG! Screw You Rain! (The Umbrella!)

Humfh. It has been raining here NON-Stop for at least 2 weeks (with some sprinkling of sun to remind us what we're missing). My shoes are STILL drying from last night's crossing of the spontaneous Nile that formed! Arg!

So you know what!?
SCREW YOU RAIN!! You heard me. I think we've had quite enough! The plants are drowning and right now, I'm not in the mood to swim... That's it! I'm using this umbrella!

Huh, I just realized a happy side effect to using the umbrella is I can flip off the office from the parking lot! Aha!

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  1. I second that...."Screw you rain!".....our finished basement has flooded three times now in two months. All the furniture from down there is STILL in our dining room. We've taken it all to the basement and brought it back up twice over it!

    3 times in 2 months? Sounds like you live in monsoon plains. UG.