Monday, October 12, 2009

Regretsy: As in "Do you regret you put that on Etsy?"

I Can Haz Stump? Kitten Head on Amputee

T-Wrecks MATURE Masturbating dinosaur wall art

Beating a Dead Horse BLACK UNICORN - real, mounted, taxidermy stuffed

Poke-MonsFlannel 10.5in Regular Cloth Menstrual Pad - Pokemon w/ Navy Blue

Even tho we've got quite the collection of crazy Etsy things here at Loopy Rocket,
Regretsy is, by far, the reining champion!

Bring her your strange, your perverse, and your just plain wacked out...
and Regretsy will post and mock for free!

Thanks Dreampop for the hot tip!


  1. Who doesn't wanna bleed on Pokemon? I mean really....

  2. The comment left by the potential purchaser of the cat head amputee painting left me laughing!