Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Look at this F'ing Hipster! (The Awesome Blog)

“Get it? I have six pack abs…Cheap, trendy, gross tasting six pack abs.”
“This is the last time I buy coke from a five-year-old.”
“What are you staring at? Oh, let me guess. You probably expect me to wear a Sega Game Gear around my neck, because it has ‘color.’ Get away from me, you racist.”

Dare I say it, I'm a hipster. No it's true. I took the test in this book and it's official! I listen to silly bands, live in Hampden, and wear thick black glasses. Obvs.
And I just found the internet mecca of all things Hipster:
Look at this F'ing Hipster!!!
I've found my life inspiration. via

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  1. is there a good reason this site is blocked at my work? I mean other than it is awesome. I am officially pissed I can't look at it.