Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ode to Twenty2wo!

Oh the lovely lovely lines that intersect to make pretty pictures!
How I love thee!
Let me count the ways!

1) Super awe of people that can use random lines to make complete compositions.
2) I mean seriously... how do you KNOW that that horizontal line would look great as an eyeball? I have no idea.
3) So I am THRILLED to the uber max that I won the Twenty2wo print giveaway! (I picked the two above)
4) This guy is TALENTED
5) And he has an awesome blog of pretty things. Um...pretty makes it sound girlie... He has a blog of MANLY Prints and Art. (better?).
6) PLUS an online magazine!

If I were an artist, all I would do is line drawings and blue prints. LOVE these!
Thanks Adam for the Giveaway!

(On a Side Note: Ode to Joy is the only song I can still play on the guitar! Here's a link to Beaker's interpretation)

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  1. Re: Ode to Joy

    Glad those guitar lessons paid off!