Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lego Abu Ghraib

Lego Torture Scenes Protest Media Censorship

The anonymous artist, Legofesto, uses children's toys to sanitize his commentary on media's self-censorship. Wired reports:
He was fed up with news outlets refusing to publish images depicting torture due to their graphic nature. So he recreated the images and first-hand accounts using Legos to protest what he saw as irresponsible censorship.
I decided to try to show the horror, the blood, the fear, the murder, the loss of humanity in the faces of minifigs [Lego figurines], the 'everyman' of toys; thus [Lego] Abu Ghraib was recreated using the actual images or from the first-hand testimony.
via Andy!
Some original Abu Ghraib photos here (NSFW)

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