Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Marie Antoinette Wedding Fantasy:

Disclaimer: This is a REAL WEDDING.
According to Vorpal Images, the Wedding was MOSTLY HANDMADE!!!
And no, you will not be seeing ANYTHING like this for my wedding.


Via Rock N Roll Bride
Flickr of the Amazing Bridal Shoot Here!
Flickr of Nicole & Jeremy's Wedding Here!

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  1. seriously I was also blown away, too much! I do love the hair though, mine was that color about a year before becoming your favorite co worker. I miss it.

  2. what? you don't think Andy would go for it? Thats just crazy talk...

  3. I think I'd be skickering the entire time at the man that was standing across from me in pink tights and a white wige.

    Beautiful pictures though!