Thursday, February 12, 2009

Street Angel: The Film!

Oh oh oh! I'm so excited!

The comic is so cheeky! If you ever get a chance to read this saucy comic by Jim Rugg you'll find it's filled with:
ninjas who are apparently a local minority group; mad scientists; renegade robots; time-traveling Spanish conquistadors led by Cortez himself; drug dealers; an Irish spaceman named CosMick; demons; a two-fisted Jesus Christ; a well-tailored Incan sun god; and a former super-bad dude from the 1970s known as the Afrodisiac.

The only person who can deal with the freewheeling chaos is Jesse Sanchez, a homeless 12-year-old martial arts/skateboard prodigy known and feared as Street Angel.
For a taste of the comic go here and here. And for the movie here! via


  1. didn't you give me that one for my birthday one year? I remember reading it!

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  3. why did you delete your comment anonymous author?