Friday, February 6, 2009

Sharky the Tea Infuser! THIS!

Designed for the Designboom Beyond Silver competion, it won 3rd place... but was obviously a horrid oversight!

A few other notables were:
Climber: the wallpaper that "grows" when it detects air pollution
Mushroom Spice Shakers: won 1st place!
The Knuckle Comb: Think brass knuckles, like you're punching yourself in the head.

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  1. I smell a birthday present for Steve!!!

  2. Oh...My...God! You are so right!
    Hmmm... but considering he's not that hip on "designy" things, he might freak out that there's something "non-walmart" in his tea!

  3. heh, our artistic director is non-designy. how ironic.