Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Medals for Your "Endless Console Epic Battles"

I'm a gaming widow, considering when I come home, my boy is GLUED to the xbox! (right now it's Call of Duty). I'll never understand the accomplishments and wars he wins every day, right in my living room... But I CAN award him some medals!

Like these Consule Wars Veteran Medals from Supermandolini!
Limited edition pin 'medals' that celebrate the memories of endless epic battles, infinite high scores and numerous blistered fingers.

It's the recongnition you deserve.
Here's to you gamers, here's to you. via


  1. When my thumbs become less swollen.. I will Sooooo order one of these.
    If you were sent to this link by me... Hint Hint... Makes a grate gift!
    Nice find Loopy! -cheers

  2. Ooo! I found it on blogadilla and NotCot! (I'm a wee bit addicted to Notcot... but they update TOO often! I get overload!). But I love your Catnip for Humans Blog! Yay!

  3. OMG... other than eating, CALL OF DUTY is the only thing my guy does. These are BRILLIANT!!