Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wiener #4!! Plus Super Secret
I'm a Sneaky Bastard!

Weeee hooo!!! We've got a Final Wiener from!

And it's Heather!!!!
Heather was nice enough to share the pitfalls of a bad diet! (I've consider myself warned! Icky).

And because I'm a sucker, and because the comments were freaking HILARIOUS.... and well, it's the holiday season, I'm feeling extra generous!
So I'm giving 25 extra entries a surprise in the mail!
Yep! These will certainly NOT be random... because, well, I suck. And there were some good freakin comments:

Like: toohotforturtle who said... "If I win this contest, I'll be happy that I will sing "Sweet Gnome Alabama" amongst some strange Gnomish puns!

Or: Tanya Wilson who said... "Why does USA play the same shows over and over?" Good question Tanya, good question.

Or: Paige who said... "I'm a litigation paralegal, so I'm going to use the gnome to make important legal decisions worth tens of thousands of dollars."

So thanks to everyone who made the past 1,000 posts uproariously wonderful! And stay tuned for another 1,000 ADD riddled posts! Yippie!

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