Friday, December 5, 2008

I miss Loopy Already

It's a well known fact that most little kids are terrified of Mall Santa's. Why? Probably because they look like old, dry red suited creeps and probably smell like whiskey and the festering sweat of a thousand wears of a rental Santa costume. As a babe I never had this problem, I was all about the Mall Santa, and even the Mall easter bunny on occasion. I do kinda secretly hope my son is as terrified of Santa as these kids, because god I want to own an original one of these photos. So in Lu of the season and Because since Loopy is gone and I am in charge, here via the Chicago Tribune is a fantastic gallery of the horrifying screams of a ton of children, why is it that this makes my morning, am I that deranged?

Double Terror!

This is my favorite, is that Santa or Satan?

lol, the one that got away!

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  1. Damn... those are way better than last years!