Thursday, December 4, 2008

GersonCurse is Crossing the Bamboo Curtain!

The GersonCurse Duo hasn't had a trip since the Victorious Roadtripping USA... and we thought it was HIGH time we got out there and saw the world! So for 10 days we'll be knee deep in Red country (probably looking for the Beijing's infamous Subterranean City or eating scorpions at the Donghuamen Night Market )

Hmm..what the heck does that mean to you? It means you won't get my incessant posting 5 things a day! Not to worry! I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and we leave you in the capable hands of Custerd & Super Blogger Girl! And...gasp... could perhaps weiner #4 reap the fruits of our voyage?

And if anyone is in the Beijing or Shanghai areas and wants to take us out for Pineapple Beer, give us a hollar here! Otherwise, see ya'll when we get back!

(Bamboo Curtain? Wha?)

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