Wednesday, December 3, 2008

70's Rockstars with their Parents!

Musician Frank Zappa (R) w. parents (L-R): Francis and Rosemary in Frank's home.

Singer Grace Slick (L) holding her daughter upside down by the ankles, w. her mother, Mrs. Virginia Wing (R) sitting on the sofa.
Rock musician Elton John (R) w his mother Shelia (L) and stepfather Fred Fairebrother (C) in their apartment.

My computer pretty blew up with everyone re-posting John Olson's great photographs! Dontcha just love the wallpapers? Man...I definetly think they should do a revamp of this... Maybe with some Chemical Romance parents or Manson parents. You know, bands a momma would be proud of!

See a whole bunch more on Life's photo database, hosted by Google! (of course!?)

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