Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wu & Wu Dumpling Dynasty!

Um..if you haven't realized yet, I'm addicted to great packaging.

Like these!! Screw being for kids, I'd steal these from kids!
It's the Explorer kit (complete with vintage-style metal torch, magnifying glass, metal compass, string with knot-guide and notebook and pencil) and the Baking kit (complete with set of celebration candles, rolling pin, wooden spoon, three metal star cookie cutters, cupcake cases and delicious recipes for iced-star cookies and fancy cupcakes)

Get'em here!


  1. I dont mean to ecite you but there is a contest giveaway for the sewing kit on a blog out there somewhere, I entered it this morning.

  2. Oh my gah! They have a pig tail kit! Now, where is this contest?!?!?!

  3. Oh yeah! Right here baby!

    If you win, you have to invite me over for tea! Boo-ya!