Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's Nov. 4th!

Election Day! Time to get out there and do your civic duty!
(Both Images Via FFFFOUND!)


  1. I voted this morning, still made it to work right on time, I was like 50 people deep in line at 6:50 am.

  2. Man, I was there when the doors opened, and I STILL had a 40 min wait!

    It's amazing how many people are out voting! They're saying there are 30min - 1 hr. lines all over MD.

    Hurray for the masses!

  3. It was funny because I saw all my neighbors and the people that work locally, everyone was chatting and waving Hi and screaming funny things at each other, no fights at all like they were predicting on the radio. well.... except for that elderly woman I punched out for being to close to my ballot booth.