Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things that Make Me Go... OHGAWD Why?!

Things from ALL over interweb land!

Like these: Squirrel feet earrings! From Craftastrophe. Which seem to be stirring up quite a commotion over at Craftzine...Or maybe the Hair Mail does it for you? Hopefully I got you just as you were eating lunch! Aha! (I think I just threw up a little...) via

Gotta say though, this is an Awesome Wine "Cooler" Suit Sleeve from Urbn. via
Me like having ADD!
(P.S. I'm LOVING the comments for our giveaway! I'm learning so much! Like don't drink milk while reading funny comments! My nose is still sore...)


  1. those earings give me hives just thinking about them. Where DO you find this stuff!!!!

  2. HA! Squirrel feet earrings?!?!?! In the little picture thingy I saw at first I thought they were chicken feet.....I'd so rock a pair of chicken feet earrings.....I love chicken.....squirrels, well, I haven't had squirrel since I was like 10. Blech.