Thursday, November 20, 2008

Im a Ninja what are you?

Apparently a lucky few Gmail users had a “Themes” tab pop up under settings. No longer do you have to suffer through the boring-if-functional standard Gmail interface for the 16 hours a day that you keep the page loaded. Try “Ninja” instead. I am one of the lucky few who got to Beta this, I loves it!!! Here are my two favorite, I am rocking Ninja for now but my other choice from this morning was the nice autumn colors! NEATO!!!

(and don't forget! We've got two giveaways here and here going on RIGHT now!)


  1. I Am SOOO Jealous!
    My meatball of a gmail hasn't evolved that far yet.

    Darnit! But I think the rumor is we all get it at the end of the week?

    I want NINJAS TOO!!!

  2. I'm just as awesome as you, because I got it too! I picked the tea one...I love the little fox in the chingchang hat!

  3. FINALLY! Meeeee tooo!!!
    I can't decide btwn the Tea one or the Trees! (the trees change with my weather...and since it's stinky here, do I really want to look at stinky weather in gmail?!)