Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am slacking on the votes, I think some of these other Mom's are using forums to their advantage, i got an email to stop asking for votes on one of them, I bet that other Mom turned me in. So seriously go HERE and just click vote next to my name Jennifer Lleras! Do it or I will send Farva on you! only one click per person!


  1. Seriously, you scare me....so I went to vote. It wouldn't let me do it again though!

  2. Dude I need a Wii, its not even funny! In my contest next week its my only requirement, you must vote for me to enter the contest!

  3. i know one of the blogs i frequent was sending peeps to vote. unfortunately it wasn't for you. i had already casted my vote for ya. you better win so we can get synced. maybe even nsynced. ha! ;)