Friday, November 7, 2008

Can U Beatbox? Wanna B a Fatboy?

Remember Disorderlies? Where the 3 crazy beatboxers save the life of an old white rich guy? (you know, just like real life!) Well, down to 2, they are looking for the 3rd!

Could YOU be the newest member of the Fat Boys?
We are looking for someone to fill the position of the late great "Buff Love" The Human Beat Box. If you think you have the beatbox skills to become the newest member you will be required to submit a video of your beatbox skills. Our judges will pick the best contestants and they will compete on national television to become the newest member of the Fat Boys. checkout the official website at:
Oh, this is my dream come true - Ever since I lost the talent show at that Catskills Resort to some stupid dancers. Really, who nicknames their kid "Baby" anyways!? Okay, so that wasn't me. But I DO want to see this show when it airs! Maybe yout will be in it!?
(thanks Pat! Maybe we'll see YOU there!?)

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