Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway, How I love thee...

I'm not going to ruin the ending for you...
(have you been living under a rock?)

But I will share MY Favorite Leanne's darling Final Collection!
If I owned the blue petal dress, I'd totally be one of those kids that refuses to take off their favs.You'd have to peel it off of me!
And how much do I love her jacket she always wears?

So did you know Jerrell & Joe showed their final collections too?
See everyone's final collection here!


  1. by the way I almost texted you last night as to who I thought was going to win, I was right of course, im just glad it wasn't super biatch, you know who im talking about!

  2. loved her collection too! did you notice all the top model girls that auditioned? yeah, i watch too much tv.

  3. Ha! And did you hear Kenley say "she better not bring her attitude!"? I was like "SHE DID NOT JUST GO THERE!" Ug.

  4. Screw Kenley, I can't wait to text my question for her at the reunion show, I am going to ask what her mom thinks about her ugly attitude after watching how she acts on the show!

  5. did you like her collection? when the judges started raving, i kept screaming, "seriously? wtf?" i'll have to watch and see if your ?? makes the reunion cut.

  6. I'm so depressed that it's over. I'm drowning my sorrow in oceans of coffee :( Glad to see the post about this! I loved Leanne's collection too!

  7. Worst Project Runway ever...especially after last season, where all three finalists showed amazing collections. This year was safe and rather mediocre.