Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mad Men - Illustrated!

Sterling-Cooper Christmas Party 2007Joan and the Xerox (Joan, my fav character, knows she's better than that new-fangled Xerox!)Sally Draper's Cocktail Cheat SheetUpdo Showdown: "I'm going to the breakroom to find your replacement. See that you are gone by the time I return."Shame on you if you don't watch Mad Men.
I foolishly put all episodes on my ipod ...and now... I'm shamelessly addicted.

To top it, I'm shamelessly addicted to the retro artwork from Dyna Moe! (gotta love the name).

The fantastically talented illustrator has announced she will do a new desktop wallpaper for every episode of the second season- How did we get so lucky!?

Check out all her Mad Men Illustrations here.
A great Interview here.
And buy prints here!

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