Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Elmo & Ernie Homeless due to W-economics?

So far it's a mystery who is responsible...
But on my chair this morning I had 2 Homeless Ernie & Elmo dolls on my chair, with this typed note:

We are homeless Sesame Street characters that need a home.

Due to the waning economy and lack of support fot he Public Broadcasting System we are out of a job and homeless.

Damn you "W"!

Please take us home with you!

You might notice I'm not with my life partner Bert. He has moved on since Sarah Palin promised she would able to "help" him with his problem.

Damn that Hockey Mom, Moose Shooting, B%$@#!

-Ernie and new life partner Elmo

I have NO idea who did it...
But I WILL get to the bottom of it!

Update! Mystery SOLVED!!!!!
Story Goes: The other day the ENTIRE building was out of coffee (how does that HAPPEN??). Thank HEAVENS I keep a secret stash of beef and pie which I politely shared with Francis the Hi-JARIOUS Sales Guy. Apparently, he was so touched I shared my liquid narcotics, I was deserved of adopting 2 unwanted Sesame Characters! I think I got the better end of the deal there! Aww Shucks...

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