Monday, September 15, 2008

Web Journalism And Graphic Design:

Ashleigh Bennett, Student Reporter at the ONA Conference, is onto something here! Her article, entitled: Analyzing The Merge Of Web Journalism And Graphic Design, highlights the growing trend of...drum roll please....good design in Web Journalism! Hurray! Journalism is catching up!
Web sites are striving to catch up with the latest trends in Web and graphic design. Their designers are leading the way in shifting trends in both online and print media.
Damn right sister.
Ashleigh snagged me Friday for a quick interview and my take on the growing industry. I say 'Growing? More like WORLD DOMINATION.'
Read the rest of the article here! (p.s. that's me in the pic!)

Some Fantastic State of the Art Websites mentioned are:
Las Vegas Sun
(check out the awesome interative history of Vegas here)

National Geographic
Art Asylum

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