Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Decorating with $10 worth of Sharpies!

Ha! I'd like to see Kelly Wearstler come up with something like this!
Look carefully in this basement o' dreams and you'll see a drawing of the Kratzers' upstairs library — with Claude Monet, the greatest of the Impressionists, at the doorway. It's a tribute to Monet, but it's also a way of living with cultural influences: Kratzer and his wife, Deb, don't just keep them within book covers or admire them in museums. Their Picasso spends each day close to their pinball machine. Agatha Christie's shrewd little Belgian detective and his carefully pruned mustache hover over the deck door.
The article never mentions HOW LONG it took him,
But it did mention he's a lawyer in his 30s....Hmm....
See the whole story here.
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