Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nightlight for Tormented Children

This write up is too good to try to re-write:

If you treasure your teddy bear, then chances are you would be horrified if you came home and found your favourite cuddly friend headless!

What do you do now? Do you simply discard your childhood friend, or do you keep the distorted headless creature?Those clever chaps at Suck UK have come up with a way for you to combine the seemingly useless headless teddy bear with an everyday household appliance to bring a bit of light back into your life. Protruding from the bear's neck is a standard light fitting!

To be fair, you probably won't be able to cuddle this cute little Frankenstein-esque creature, but he certainly adds a different slant to your teddy bear collection!

I know a couple pregger chicks that are having a baby shower soon!
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