Monday, August 18, 2008

"I Was There. Just Ask Photoshop."

HA! The NY Times has a hilarious article on Photoshopping in people when they werent' there!
They are soooo behind the times...I've been doing this every year for Chanukah! This is the one from 2008... 3 people weren't even there!

But the article gives a good point, "in some cases, it can even alter memories — Cousin Andy was at the wedding, right?"

Here's what they say:
As image-editing software grows in sophistication and ubiquity, alterations go far beyond removing red-eye and whitening teeth. They include substituting head shots to achieve the best combination of smiles, deleting problematic personalities or adding family members who were unable to attend important events, performing virtual liposuction or hair restoration, even reanimating the dead. Revisionist history, it seems, can be practiced by just about anyone.
Man... I am SO ahead of the curve.
Thanks Mike for the heads up!

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  1. LOL, we were just talking about this this weekend! Am I also ahead of the curve for constantly photoshopping my zits out and making my waist thinner?