Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crafty Randomness while I wait for coffee to brew!

Considering I haven't had my super esspresso beef & pie coffee yet, I'm lazily (is that a word?) posting a smattering of craftness!

DIY: Futon Frame Turned Into Garden Gate This one is for you Diana, and my poor forgotten futon I trashed in the move...I still miss you! The ever adorable DIY: Toadstool Doorstop from Knick knack & Rick Racs! I kinda want to chew them... a la Jack Black & the waterbuffalo in Tropic Thunder.

Oooo!!! And now that Lauren & Justin's wedding is over,
I can post the craft wedding present I made them! Dirty underwear pouches for their honeymoon!
Keep your Italian wardrobe fresh!


  1. YAY!!!!! We loooovvee our new dirty undies pouches! And they're already world travelers, having been all over Tuscany (and Switzerland if you count a layover).

  2. I love the dirty panties bags too, so craft esti!