Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 of 100 Best Places To Drink Beer in America!

Holy moley!
According to Imbibe Magazine (#15), Baltimore has 2 of the best places to drink beer in America! (and it's a big place!).

The Brewer's Art
Heaven on the main floor, Dungeon in the basement.

#2 I'm sorry to say, I have never been here:
Mahaffey's Pub
I guess that's why it's in the "Best Kept Secrets" category!

Thanks Atomic for the heads up!


  1. I think i've been here before! I think... If it's the same place, it's like in the middle of a block of row homes and they have funny comic clippings on the bathroom walls. Let's go!

  2. brewers art is my all time fav! long live the resurrection the true king of beers!