Monday, July 14, 2008

Violent Message to All Hummer Owners!

(Pic By Lois Raimondo -- The Washington Post)

Gareth Grove's bought his dream car: A Hummer. He couldn't fit the behemoth into his garage, so he parked it in the street

Prob is, his neighborhood is "A narrow, leafy street in Northwest Washington, where Prius hybrid cars and Volvos are the norm"
Acording to the Washington Post:
It lasted five days on the street before two masked men took a bat to every window, a knife to each 38-inch tire and scratched into the body: "FOR THE ENVIRON."
Holy moley... I thought Lefty-environs were supposed to be all sweet and flowery?
What is your take?
Did he "get what he deserves?" or is this a hate/racist crime against hummers?
link (Thanks Diana for the heads up!)


  1. Ok, so I'm not condoning the violent part of this story. Not cool to bash up someone's car even in the name of saving the Earth....but this guy is a selfish asshole duchebag. Even his mom didn't think it was a good idea. We're all going to have to learn to be more moderate in our choices. Its people like this guy that make me embarrassed to say I'm American. (plus, he probably has a small pee pee)

  2. That's not cool, his car is his property and the whole f*cking point of living here is that we are free to make our own choices, if he wants to be a douche and emit tons of fumes into the air and guzzle gas, you know what. that's his god given right. If owning a hummer were illegal than we could maybe have a reason to slash his tires but he didn't really do anything wrong.


  3. Sure, you're absolutely right. We are legally allowed to be complete dicks to each other and the world. Hummers are not illegal and this guy has wanted one for "a long time". Well I guess my point is not to necessarily make owning a Hummer illegal (although its gas mileage rating would cause problems in California from what I understand) but perhaps that maybe this guy should embrace a little social responsibilty. The "I want it so I should have it!" bit doesn't sit so well with me. Plus he's trying to perpetuate the idea that giant gas guzzling cars, which are especially useless in DC, are cool! I'm sorry but we as Americans need to get our heads out of our butts and stop hiding behind the idea of its our right to excuse pointless excessive behavior that hurts our world.

  4. Dude, I recycle, take my own bags to the grocery store, am starting a car pool, compost my lawn clipping, buy local produce, seriously, like everything I possibly can to be as green as possible, aside from driving a durango, which I just bought because we are expecting a baby and always have to rent a truck when we go to home depot. All I am saying is, I am responsible yes, but I will fight till my last breath for freedom, and if dude want to spend his money on a hummer, than it's his choice. If the shoe were on the other foot and someone slashed your hybrid tires and wrote hippy on the side, you would be upset. I agree that people need to get with it and start thinking more about the earth, but you know what, it's not my place to say what someone should or shouldn't have. Although being eco friendly is the right thing to do, I am not disagreeing with you, we should never push our ideals on people in this kind of way.

  5. I think you are misinterpreting my postings (and possibly taking it personally). I have never once said we should take away this guys right to be a selfish twat. I also specifically said I don't condone the violent act. I think its amazing you've embraced all those eco-friendly lifestyles. It seems as though more and more people are. You're going to teach your kid that being socially conscious is important (besides the Durango thing that is. You know you can fit lumber and a baby in a minivan and still get over 20 miles to the gallon).

    But I think you're wrong in saying we shouldn't push our ideals on someone. I truly think Congress needs to get involved on this one and require cars to have a minimum fuel economy rating. To me this is like when the United States had rationing during WWII. We have a limited amount of resources, lets use them responsibly. And if that means taking the Hummer off the market (its never done very well anyway) so be it. Notice I'm not saying take this dumb ass guy's Hummer away. I just think its hard to muster sympathy for a guy who so obviously doesn't give a shit about what his choices do to his community and the world.

  6. OMG DIG! A minivan? are you serious, I am way to pretty to drive a minivan, and im not going to be a soccer mom, im going to be a garage band mom, and don't you forget it.

    have you noticed the cafe standards lately, they suck, but you know what those are our standards for some reason, so until they change.... dude can drive what he wants.