Wednesday, July 23, 2008

plagiarism, I didn't even know it still existed!

When I get really bored I go to my favorite blogs, I read them. When I am really really bored I go to my favorite blogs, read them, then go to my bloggers favorite blogs and read them. It's a vicious cycle. So as I was very bored today (I can hear Esti clicking furiously playing what is no doubt some fantastic flash game so she must be in the same boat) I first went to Loppy, then to Jenni, then to Sweet Juniper via Jenni, then to sweet and salty. When I hit Sweet and Salty I got really enveloped in the story, I was plagiarized once in college, I took deep offense to it and was totally pissed but my teacher told me that she would never execute it as well as me and not to worry but to just make myself produce something better because of it, which I did. So anyways, you have got to read this post, it is going to make you mad, and you may laugh too, but regardless go read it and don't forget that plagiarism sucks.


  1. For the whole story,

    While plagiarism is never justified, I hope we can all reach the point of forgiveness.

  2. This totally makes me want to retch! there any way we can find the culprit in real life? And "suggest strongly" (aka intimidate) them into realizing their mistake?

    (And yes... I was playing insainiquarium on did you know!?)

  3. Loopy: I knew because I could hear you clicking a million times a minute, if you were that fast at clipping actual work I would be forwarding you all of my jobs.

    Father tony: I read and commented on your blog, and no I don't forgive, what a weirdo that person is, they don't deserve it, call me spiteful, oh well.

  4. Girl: I am totally taking offense to that.

    Tony: I agree! Cooper/Nico should suck and egg.