Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Esti is Sick

Esti is sick, I am worried, it's rare for anyone to call out two days in a row without having a major organ removed. I hope your ok E-Gurl, I am pulling for your safe return this week, call me if you need some Jewish penicillin, I have a friend. I wasn't sure whether to post the someecard I sent her, which is knee slapping funny or whether to just post pictures that remind me of Esti. I think I will just post some awesome images for you to gaze on and send healthy thoughts to our favorite fluish designer.


  1. oh poor esti! i'm the jewish friend who makes soup. let me know if you need it!!!

  2. LOL! Thank you!!! There is NOTHING better than jewsoup. NOTHING!!!
    I will be stalking, I mean, visiting you house later.
    Mmm Mmm Good!