Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jan Vormann - Lego MANIA!

Artist Jan Vormann's Dispatchwork, 2007, Venti Eventi - Bocchignano, Rome, Italy. plastic construction pieces (e.g. Legos®) added to centuries old buildings in Italy. via

Kinda reminds me of Knit Graffiti.
Making the world a colorful and happy place!
"Awesome" just doesn't cut it.

And as soon as I get off my butt & get the pics on my camera, I'll be uploading the awesome lego city we found at Wizard World Philly!


  1. oh my god, that is soooooooooo cool!

  2. I know right! The only way to make this better is with little space legomen!!

  3. This needed a "why didn't I think of that " tag!