Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flying fireballs banned in Whales

At first I thought this was from the Onion... and then I thought, this is real! How can I get one!!!
Fair Trading Minister Linda Burney said
the product, commonly called the ‘Fire Footbag’ or the ‘Fire Soccer Ball’, is made from fire resistant material and was made to be soaked in flammable liquid and ignited.
Ms. Burney also goes on to say:
"Even for adults, it’s an extreme and silly thing to be doing; kicking a fireball around which could cause serious burns, set houses or gardens on fire or even cause a bush fire."
Silly? Nay, Tons of fun!
Just check out the footage here, here, and here.
They're taking this "safety" thing TOO far!
Full article here. (thanks Kim!)

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