Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Storm Troopin'

"PLEASE?? Can't I just squeeze Snuggles for a minute? He looks so cuddly!" begs Han."No. Get away. Snuggles doesn't like rebel scum," retorts a protective and selfish TK-704.
"Yes, TK-704 - here's your dinner!"
Jack the Undead Monkey challenged TK-218 to a breakdance one-on-one.
The little guys find themselves the object of someone's hunger!
TK-315: "Don't worry about me! Save yourselves!" You'll notice, he saved his coffee, though. Not a drop spilled.
Don't worry, TK-315 - I'll save you.
Best F'ing thing EVER!
Doctor Beef (the photographer) says:
Started with one. Now there's seven, with an eighth on assignment with my boyfriend in England (he was always posing mine and I could tell he needed one of his own, though he was reluctant to admit it at first - heehee!). It's waihey's fault. She started it. Then I in turn infected ShellyS, and a few others.

These little guys are just way too fun and deserved a set of their own. They've got so much personality and I think everyone who loves toys, Star Wars fan or not, NEEDS one of their own.
See all the glory on Flickr!

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