Thursday, April 10, 2008

Psychiatry: an Industry of Death Museum

I was just reading the Radar article: Cult Friction. Topic? Scientology vs. the Underground group "Anonymous," a fantastic read! But the hidden gem among the text was mention of "Psychiatry: an Industry of Death Museum"

What is this you ask? It's scientology's attempt to educate the public about the perirls of modern psychiatry of course!
The museum features 14 documentaries with statements from scores of health professionals, academics, legal and human rights experts, and victims of psychiatric brutalities ranging from electroshock and involuntary commitment to political torture, psychosurgery and the devastating effects of psychotropic drugs.
Sounds pretty sweet to me!
Or better yet, go here for an indepth visit thro the eyes of Cousin Pete, a sarcastic tourist that literally stumbled onto it! (tibits below)

What happened was that Bernie’s ice cream melted all over our map and we ended up going to a chocolate smudge instead of the Hollywood Wax Museum. But it turns
out that the smudge was at the exact same place as the Psychiatry Death Museum WHICH WASN’T EVEN ON THE MAP. Now that is crazy!
The museum is chocked full of "Hospital Bed Rides", Famous Psychologist (aka the unabomber), and Genocide! Based in LA, I think we all need to make a Hollywood stopover!

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