Friday, April 18, 2008

Out with the Old, In with the New...Logo

Most normal people go their day to day lives and never notice the logo's that fill our ads, commercials, billboards, and even the clothes we wear. We know they are there and we even may notice when they sometimes change. I found a compilation of some logo's that have made some intense changes over the years, so in honor of Spring, here are some logos that had a spring cleaning over the times. Us graphic designers notice even the subtle changes in the appearance of logos, I bet some of you may be surprised.


  1. I love this cause its very nostalgic. Also make me feel old lol

  2. Yeah! There's more on this post too:

    I especially like the apple logo. Crazy!!

  3. it's funny too. when you're a graphic designer you notice the smallest things too. most people wouldn't even notice a slight font change. let alone the whole logo being revamped.