Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vote for Me! (#6)

The Story behind the card:
I helped Amy make this for Brian, since Brian never made it into the Singles Issue of Baltimore Magazine! (He was #21 of 20!!! So close). He never got over the loss and soon met Amy (goodbye singledom). So she recreated this for him for Valentines!

And now I entered Black*Eiffel 's crafty contest in honor of Valentine's Day!
Really I did!
Black Eiffel is looking for creativity and a nice story (see below) I figured, why not!?

Vote for me! #6

Details for voting:
go here to see all of the entries. They are numbered 1 thru 21, have descriptions about the inspiration behind them, and who created them. Leave a comment here of your favorite Valentine with its accompanying number (6). Please vote only once, and all anonymous entries will not be counted. Voting will be open until Monday, Feb. 18th at midnight.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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