Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lizabeth Eva Rossof: Research-based Practitioner of Visual Art.

I Witness, the top project, is when Rossof goes to sketch artists and asks them to draw someone from her "dream" ...but really it's a well known person! Totally different everytime!

This project examines issues surrounding identity profiling, specifically it’s authenticity. In the I Witness Project I create portraits of people who I know only through news programs and newspapers. My brain becomes the database from which the profiles are drawn. The actual images come from the hand of police officers and detectives who are certified in Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement, a process used to create an image of a suspect based on the accounts of victims and other witnesses. During their interview of me, I describe to the officers my recollection of the people depicted. I tell the officers they are fictional people from my dreams. In reality all the subjects are recognizable people whose credibility has been publicly questioned.

iBush: 1000 Words from Bush:

I am collecting the first word strangers say when I show the official presidential photograph of George W. Bush. My intention is to make public the associations people make when they see the president's image. I have collected over 2,000 responses but only 357 different words. I have pasted-up the posters in San Francisco, Chicago, New York as well as Melbourne, Australia.
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