Friday, February 22, 2008

"Future Brit Brit is Hot"

Sigh, poor Brit Brit. According to age progression technology (same stuff FBI uses), the future of Britney Spears is o'so bright. And since I'm completely speechless (and vomiting a little in my mouth) I can't top what Hot Celebrity Pics said:

It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that ol' Brit Brit doesn't look quite as sexy as she did back in her "Slave 4 U" days anymore. But if she really put her mind to it, worked out, gave up her sugary Red Bulls and frapps and ate a well-balanced meal for a change - oh, and sorry Britney, "Cheetos" isn't a food group - she could get back in fighting shape pretty quick. If she keeps going the way she is, the picture above shows what the singer may very well look like on her 46th birthday. It's not looking any better for her at 36 (brunette hair) either. The photos were manipulated by sophisticated computer techniques similar to the ones used to help the FBI determine how time may have changed the appearance of fugitives and missing persons. Take heed, Miss Britney, you've still got time!
Huuuurrrrl. I'm so leaving for the gym.

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  1. What gym? i thought our resolution was to never visit the gym again? I am confused. Future brit looks like a lady I saw at a truck stop once, you think she could be here from the future to stop the destruction of mankind?