Monday, January 21, 2008

To die for!

Wow, I came across these at MoCo Loco and they sucked me right in. I have a new love and its name is Alessi I want the sushi set so bad it hurts!

alessi will be showing new works by designer stefano giovannoni with rumiko takeda in collaboration with the
national palace museum of taiwan at macef milano from january 18- 21, 2008. the new series of tableware ieces is named 'orien tales' and is the second collaboration between the two designers and the national palace museum of taiwan after the previous 'chin family' series. the new series featues, 'lily pond' a sushi set, a tea and coffee service and various other tableware pieces. 'lily pond' consists of a plate and chop sticks made from melamine as well as the 'lily bird' soy sauce bottle, bowl, chop stick support and 'lotus' dish all made from fine bone china. the rest of the 'orien tales' series combines plastics with ceramics in an array of vibrant colours.

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