Friday, December 21, 2007

Rotunda Makeover to Begin by Spring

Are we ready for this?

{the} drawing shows the main plaza of the proposed new Rotunda, a $130 million retail and office center that is to include a 22-story hotel and apartment tower, condominiums and townhouses, a bookstore, restaurants and a new Giant supermarket.

Residents of Hampden, Wyman Park and Roland Park said yesterday that they largely support the project, as long as the increased traffic is properly handled. They also expressed concern about the shadow the tower would cast over Wyman Park, noting that the 12-acre Rotunda property is on a hill and several hundred feet above sea level.

"We're not thrilled with 22 stories," said George Peters of the Hampden Community Council. "We're a neighborhood of two- and three-story townhomes. We're not Harbor East."

I get an uneasy feeling about this...
for those that don't know, the Rotunda is the topmost part of Hampden. Set on the hill, it was a largely unused office building with a supermarket, movie theater and small shops in the basement. NOTHING like the 22 story hotel/shopping complex they are suggesting! That and how are they going to handle all that new traffic? will we be the next Federal hill with no parking and nightmares for the residents?

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and here for the footprint of the area...


  1. gees! they will build it fast as hell, just like in Towson. I fear for you I really do, I have a feeling that shadow will be like when Mr. Burns shut out the sun on Springfield.

  2. and to think this is down the street from me. i dont know if i like the idea or not, i am sure it will raise the value of my house up a notch but the construction will give me a headache i am sure.