Monday, December 17, 2007

Planned Spontaneity?

What concert to see tonight? Whom to casually meet or date within the next hour? Which Southern European city to fly to for the weekend? Consumers soaking up the entertainment economy are increasingly taking advantage of a burgeoning physical and virtual web of no-frills airlines, always-on phones and PDAs, affordable hotels, last-minute/find-and-seek websites, and so on. TRENDWATCHING.COM has dubbed this trend of acting on a whim PLANNED SPONTANEITY: making spontaneous decisions to go somewhere or do something is becoming the norm; often the only thing consumers are willing to plan is to be... spontaneous!
From Trend Watching

Ok, whatever. Who plans weeks in advance to see a movie? Is it just me or is this "new trend" always been the norm? I have a feeling someone over 60 wrote this article. (and added alot of exclamation points to make it seem "young.").

Hmm... or maybe I'm alone in Polychonic Time?

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  1. me thats who. I plan everything weeks in advance, way to make me feel like a retard. Gees!