Thursday, December 6, 2007

Planet Unicron Phenomenon

Thanks to Miss Doxie for one coming back to the internets and two introducing me to planet unicorn, I also had no idea that this wonder of the world existed. First of all if you have not read Miss Doxie you should, she is piss your pants funny, I love her old posts about her fashion sense as a young girl, it cracks me up, picture goodness included by the way. Oh and thanks to Jen for linking us to Miss Doxie. Okay so go to the link and watch Planet Unicorn, if you need a reason to watch other than me telling you to I will give you a brief synopsis: An 8 year old gay boy found a lamp and got three wishes, a fur coat, a flying car and a planet of unicorns and this is their story, the unicorns are gay and are named feathers, Cadillac, and Tom Cruis. By this point you shouldn't be reading anymore you should be watching Planet unicorn. Enjoy!

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