Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A List inside a List inside a List inside a List inside a List

OMG, I am in LIST heaven! TIME has issued it's 50 top 10 lists of 2007. I never knew such a list existed but I know what I will be doing for the next two hours. my favorites are top ten fashion trends and top ten oddball news stories.


  1. Okay so I checked out the top ten fashion trends and i must comment..

    i don't know how i feel about me and a "turban" i do not believe this would be a good look for me.

    the amy winehouse eyeliner, i will admit the girl has some musical talent, however i do not think my employer would appriciate mt massive black stuff on my eyes, nor would the general public.

    also, high wasted jeans? i used to sing alittle jingle to my mom about such jeans.."shout shout..lees are played out..these are the jeans we can do without" enough said.

    the tent dress. that just says it all.

    i do however heart vests.

    and i did the red lipstick, and i would do it again. and i have bangs.

    that is the conclusion to this comment. i would say more but i would just rant and rant.

  2. Jen you are too much! That list is on my fav because it is clearly so bad, I am glad we agree on all the horrible trends, I think it should have said the top ten so bad they are good trends. Hope your having fun at work!

  3. YES! So bad it's good! Considering right now I'm wearing 2 outta those 10... and have more planned for tomorrow. Egads.
    I had no idea I was such a sheep!