Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Tumble Weed Farm?

Todays most ridiculous News story comes to you from Southwest Kansas. Linda Katz wanted to teach herself how to build a website, so she made up a farm that sold tumbleweeds, something she sees everyday on her Kansas property. Little did she know that Americans buy anything. She grosses close to $40,000 a year now selling dead weeds. Clicky here to read the whole mind numbing story. I think I may start selling the dead moles my cat brings back from the woods, "The Murdered Mole Store" is now in business!


  1. Wait, wait... lemme get this right:

    She sells tumbleweeds she finds outside her house, on her website?

    And makes money?

    Does anyone wanna buy a Hampden Rat? (with or without diseases, your call!)

  2. I hear Hampden rat is a delicacy in some countries.