Monday, November 26, 2007

Shopping Blunders

We always go shopping and run errands on our lunch break. What better way to spend the hour (or two) away from your desk than checking out the local duds at our fav shops. We tend to stick to Target, home depot, various vintage clothing stores and the good will, the mall, and the dollar tree. Normally we go threw the lanes of clothing racks trying to one up each other with who can find the most appalling article of clothing possible. I hit the Jackpot!!! Target has made a good impression on us lately, bringing in designers from around the world to style up their clothing lines. Something happened over the last month or two because boy have they let themselves go. I found These two coats only a few racks from each other. Now im no stylist to the stars, but im pretty sure one: You should never apply flannel designs to a vinyl trench coat, also two: while hounds tooth is the new it pattern, it should never be used with the color hot pink and cat vomit tan. I took a picture to illustrate the humanity we both endured, ENJOY!


  1. HOLLA! Houndstooth should always have white, black, or both in the fabric. Otherwise it looks a hot mess, like this jacket you found.

  2. Oooo... is it bad that I want the picnic from hell dress on the left? No seriously... i want it.

  3. Your not my fashion buddy anymore.

    /leave your fashion police badge and gun on the table.