Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pilfering & Pillows

Clauss: Bertha:
Our next pilfering comes to you in the form of Sarah Young's DIY Pillow/Doll Making!
So I feel kinda bad about this, but alas.. Design Sponge had ANOTHER posting I had to repost! (She just finds the coolest things! I can't help it!)

And I've been seeing a couple "sew it yourself" pillows in various forms. And after the D*S Sarah Young Post, I thought I would share them 2 favs on Loopy Rocket! Behold above! Sarah Young's Bertha & the Clauss Stich-it-Kit at Egg Press

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  1. Do-It-yourself pillows huh... I smell a voodoo doll of our boss in the future. No but seriously, I want Bertha too! Are you posting this stuff so I know what to buy your for the holidays?

    /it's working