Friday, November 16, 2007

The Night Rider of kitchen appliances

Saturday, this state of the art fridge will be delivered to my home. I may just have a heart attack when it gets there, or they may have to remove my face from being suctioned to the front of it. If your wondering how im affording this I can explain! My mother in law surprised me last week by telling me she was taking me to Lowes to pick out a new shiny dishwasher that I have been begging for for months. I already knew exactly which dishwasher I wanted so it was a cool minute and a half before we were done shopping. This is when I think she either had a complete lapse of judgment or possibly went senile in her early years because she noticed my husband and I molesting this new very expensive refrigerator. Now this isn't just any old fridge okay, this fridge is placed front and center in the appliance section with a light beaming directly from heaven on it. I digress, my mother in law walks over and says "Oh, so you like this fridge." we laugh, "duh." we both say at the same time. "Okay I will buy you that too." We both almost die right then and there and wonder aloud as she talks to the salesman if we should push for a new stove too. Anywho, so im getting this masterpiece of a fridge Saturday, and I cant wait to play with it. In case you wanted to go check it out clicky here for all the stats, it doesn't talk to you like I thought it would, but very close, we are naming it Rosie, like the maid from the Jetsons!


  1. That is a baller-ass fridge. Can I keep some Grey Goose up in that piece?

  2. Ape Mummy you can store all the booze you want, as long as we can down a few shots for rent!

  3. oh I have two things I'm jealous of. Your fridge and your picture with soundwave.