Monday, November 19, 2007

Mistaken Identity?

Okay, so I guess by now you all know I hate Florida (Miami and Key West excluded). My Grandparents and respective relatives live there, but I still havn't figured out why. I consider it where all old crotchity dumb people go to die. So whenever I hear a ridiculous dumb news story I am always anxious to see if it came from, no other than the big FL. Heres a perfect example of what im talking about, you can read the article, but to save you some time I will summarize for you. Man shares very common name with another man, said other man gets in trouble with the cops, the cops take away first guys license even though he didn't do anything. The catch ladies and gentlemen....... One guy is black and the other is white, talk about mistaken identity, this is just beyond idiotic.

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